Ghosts of Esholt


Legend has it that Esholt Hall and its parish church in Guiseley, on the Leeds-Bradford border, are haunted.

Stories abound of a ghost known as the Grey Lady, who has been seen at various locations in and around the old manor house and church.

Alan Maddocks, caretaker at Esholt Hall for last three years, said: “The hall does have a ghost, called the Grey Lady, who has been seen in various parts of the house. No one knows who she is.

“Strange things have happened. I was in the house one night upstairs in one of the rooms when the door slammed shut and the key turned in the lock. I had to ring my daughter to come and let me out.

“The previous caretaker had a dog and it flatly refused to cross one of the corridors in the house.

“It’s only the second time we’ve opened Esholt Hall for a ghost hunt and last time, it’s fair to say, people walked away with the hairs on the back of their necks still standing up.

“Over the years, I’ve witnessed all sorts of strange happenings – from doors suddenly slamming shut and locking, mysterious voices and coughing sounds and lights being turned back on again, even when there’s nobody in the building.

“I’ve always tried to keep an open mind about this sort of thing. When you are here on your own at night after everyone has left, it is a bit eerie. But it’s a beautiful place surrounded by countryside.”

One thought on “Ghosts of Esholt

  1. What a fantastic read.. Do you have any stories about the woolpack (the commercial Inn)??
    My close friend Wayne is now the landlord and would be lovely to find out some information.
    Thank you 😊

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