WALK WITH ME (TO THE ESTUARY) – a ghost story

victorian ghost stories

WALK WITH ME (TO THE ESTUARY), one of 12 tales of haunting from GHOSTS AND OTHER SUPERNATURAL GUESTS by P.J. Hodge.

Available as Kindle ebook and paperback – GHOSTS AND OTHER SUPERNATURAL GUESTS

The thick undergrowth is swept aside, his skin unaware of the tiny invasions, from holly and bramble, ripping through the flimsy cloth, tearing his calves, cross-hatching his flesh with slender red ribbons. Emerging, draped in a mesh of vine and stalk, he stumbles down the open face of the sandy bank, and bursts forth, into the esurient embrace of land against sea. And there, directly ahead, amongst a mass of chains writhing serpent-like, is a small boat, waiting for its captain.

“The tales also hark back to the classic Victorian and Edwardian ghost stories of the likes of MR James and Sheridan le Fanu to name but two; I found that Walk with Me (to the Estuary) was a particularly atmospheric tale with a slowly building sense of menace and inescapable fate that felt very Jamesian in colour and tone.”

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