‘Ghosts and other supernatural guests’ book launch

ghosts and other supernatural guests

I am delighted to announce that my first book, ‘Ghosts and other supernatural guests,’ will be available to buy from Amazon as a Kindle ebook on 30th October 2013.

The book will also be available as paperback and hardback from November 28th.

If you would like to write a review, please email me for a free book.

“And by slow and awful degrees the child moved and grew more ghastly with each cycle of its crawl. I could see its mouth open revealing a rasping tongue as if to speak but unable to, instead delivering a series of hideous gurgles as if the throat was being choked.”

Sometimes a writer comes along whose stories are so terrifying that you can’t put them down for dreadful fear that they will remain in your subconscious forever.

Supernatural fiction’s newest voice brings you a Gothic fest of twelve Poe-like tales from the darkest depths of the human psyche.

P. J. Hodge spins rich, spine-chilling and beautifully written tales that tell of the undead, possessed objects, haunted forests, soul-snatching demons and revengeful spectres that will not rest until their work is done.

Mesmerising, understated, and convincingly Victorian in tone, this is a frighteningly good collection of stories. Purchase at your own risk!

If you enjoy period ghost tales of that bygone England of country house gatherings, servants and hansom cabs, with smog-filled days and sinister churchyard nights, you’ll love this varied and entertaining collection of chillers.

3 thoughts on “‘Ghosts and other supernatural guests’ book launch

  1. What is your email you wish to contact us on? I enjoy writing reviews, so doing a review for your book would be wonderful!

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