Here comes Jack-in-the-green!

jack in the green

From The Times, 1895

“Here comes Jack-in-the-Green!”

‘This old custom was celebrated yesterday morning with due pomp and ceremony. Punctually to the appointed hour, a procession of sweeps with blackened faces, their brooms in their hands, and dressed in fantastic garb, entered the Square, where a halt was made. His Worship gave the procession a “send-off” in a few words, and afterwards a series of tumbling and monkey exhibitions were held. Great amusement was caused by the efforts of the monkey to warm up the verandah and also from some high kicking by the tumbler. The crowd was very large, consisting for the most part of school children, who certainly enjoyed the whole affair to the utmost. During the performance some members of the Fire Brigade took up a collection, and, to judge by the sound of the coins in the tin boxes, a substantial sum should be raised for the relief of the needy. The show was continued in the afternoon in the Market Reserve, when an additional attraction in the shape of tightrope walking was given. The City Band enlivened the proceedings considerably by their music.’

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