The curious case of the bloodless vampire kiss

bloodless vampire

You will probably think I am pulling your legs, but I am asking you in all seriousness to let me know whether you have had any experience of vampires. Personally, I believe they do exist.

I met two people once in Winchester, and was convinced that they were vampires. I remembered having been told in the Balkans, where everybody believes in vampires, that garlic is a very potent antidote.

So I procured a clove of garlic from the waiter at the Sporting Club, and the two vampires bothered me no more. Yet, I always wondered about the longevity of its potency——

But I digress; here is a story about a vampire which I have just had related to me by a close friend. I will tell it as though it happened to myself, for that will save time.

I knew a vampire at Crondall in Hampshire between the years 1902 and 1905. She was married and had four children. She was fantastically beautiful. By that I mean that there was something extraordinary, almost supernatural, about her beauty. To begin with, her face was as white as this sheet of paper before I began to write on it, so white as to be almost terrifying. And yet she was not in the least terrifying when you came to know her. On the contrary, she was fascinating. Her eyes, her hair, her mouth redeemed the excessive pallor of her skin. I do not know which was the most tempting – the fiery red hair which illuminated her skull, the huge pathetic devouring eyes, or her sunset-red lips. Continue reading