A tip of the hat – a light tale of the supernatural for Father’s Day

A tip of the hat

During what would prove to be one of my last visits to London, and only a few days before I left my solicitors firm, I had the honour of being entertained at a dinner party given by my partners. There were twelve of us altogether, Mr Leicester being the most senior. After dinner I turned the conversations upon the subject of the supernatural, and remarked that I did not think a dozen persons ever met without one of their number having seen a ghost.

“Now, who is here?” I asked, “who has seen a ghost?”

Sitting opposite me at the table was Mr. Simon Poates, solicitor, of 17, Charles Square, a young married man, about thirty-two, a member of the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, and one of the earliest members of our association.

He said — “I do not believe in ghosts, but I have seen one.”

“Was it the ghost of a living or a dead person?”‘ I enquired.

The response was immediate, “A ghost of a dead person.”

“How long had it been dead?” “Nine years.”

“Where did you see it?” “In Rivington Street, near Hoxton.”

“In the day or night?” “At half-past 2 in the afternoon, in broad daylight.”

“Daylight you say. Well I never —” Continue reading