Dying Embers by M.R. Cosby

Dying Embers

I have a recommendation for you all.

Dying Embers, the first collection of strange stories by M.R.Cosby, is out now!

Amazon (for Kindle) – http://goo.gl/kv4IwR
Satalyte Publishing (paperback) – http://goo.gl/tKmn1l

These are superbly crafted tales of dark fiction that are guaranteed to keep you on edge; a collection that manages to be at once unsettling, disorientating and bracing in its variety.

“An inspiring, exhilarating collection of haunting tales…”
James Everington, author of Falling Over

“These are powerful, energetically written tales that are some of the finest I’ve read in the genre of dark fiction. The language is wonderfully imaginative and instantly thrusts the reader into the realms of slowly revealed decay. A must-read!”
P.J. Hodge, author of Ghosts and other Supernatural Guests