INNOCENT’S SONG, a ghost story

innocent's song

It led her to the bushes, and deep into its centre — such was its enchantment —whereupon she came across a little grave, nothing more than a headstone, but one that had been entirely hidden from view, consumed by the thick growth of gorse several feet in height. In all her years of living in the house she had never before stumbled across it. Stranger still was the inscription upon the headstone:—

‘Twas sweetness that cut you down,
As mild a song as Heaven found;
And turning from the face of day,
You softly sigh’d your soul away.
So happy infant, early blest,
In peaceful slumbers now you rest.

When she reached the house, and had related her tale, her aunt told her another story, one of a little girl who had been buried and forgotten:

Read the entire story here: Innocent’s Song

4 thoughts on “INNOCENT’S SONG, a ghost story

  1. Hi, I am a script writer from Australia. I would like to use part of the poem from this short story “T’was sweetness that cut you down… etc.” in an upcoming horror/thriller short film I have written. I was wondering if it is your intellectual property and, regardless of the answer, if you would mind me using it? I can send a copy of the script for your perusal to ensure you are comfortable that I have not used any elements from your story (other than the poem). The film will be low budget and probably won’t have a large distribution.
    If you would prefer that I didn’t that is, of course, your prerogative and I will respect your wishes.
    Thanks and kind regards,

    • Hi Stephen, this sounds an exciting project. The poem is taken from a Victorian epitaph that I found; unfortunately, I would probably find it quite difficult to point you to the original headstone! But it would definitely be copyright-free. Yes, please send me the script as I’d love to read it – I’m very much into low budget film-making. Best wishes, Paul

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