Ghost stories for long winter nights, GHOSTS AND OTHER SUPERNATURAL GUESTS.

screaming skull

Ghost stories for long winter nights, GHOSTS AND OTHER SUPERNATURAL GUESTS.

Voted 4.5 stars on Amazon and winner of the GOTHIC READER BOOK CHOICE awards for 2013!

“P.J. Hodge has put together a dozen ghost stories set in the south of England and ranging across the centuries. The first few tales speak with an authentic Victorian voice. We might be reading some newly unearthed M.R. James. This is the world of the fashionable suburban séance, materialisations and malevolent spirits, a wonderful evocation of that scientific yet credulous age.”

“Each tale is a masterful study of the slow build-up of fear and of people near the edge of their sanity and dimension.”

“If you yearn for the days of ghost stories read or told by a roaring Christmas fire, this is the book for you.” ETIENNE, Amazon

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THE OLD BELFRY, when flesh refuses to rest…

monk ghost

“Although the night was mild, the place exuding a musty, earthly smell, seemed as cold as death. Grieves uttered a fatuous laugh, muttered something to himself and was about to return to his companions when a sudden draught of ice-cold air extinguished his candle. He took a step forward, his toe caught in something, and he stumbled and fell. After several vain attempts to rise and much incoherent expostulation, in snuggled in close to the cold, dusty stone wall and fell asleep. Then he dreamed…”

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