The ghost pilot of the Australian Flying Corps

the ghost pilot of australia

One of the hobbies of the late Lord Halifax was recording tales of the supernatural told him by friends and acquaintances. As he lived to be 94 years of age, and started collecting in his youth, his variety of stories, as an old man, was very wide.

lord halifax

Viscount Halifax, in writing an introduction to his father’s book, declares: “As long as I can remember, my father’s Ghost Book was one of the most distinctive associations of Hickleton Hall. He kept it always with great care, himself from time to time making additions to it in his own hand-writing, and bringing it out on special occasions, such as Christmas, to read some of the particular favourites before we went to bed. Many is the time after such an evening we children would hurry upstairs, feeling that the distance between the library and our nurseries, dimly lit by oil lamps and full of shadows, was a danger area where we would not willingly go alone, and where it was unsafe to dawdle.”

It is a collection of reported experiences with ghosts, of startling dreams, of vivid premonitions that came true, andother unearthly happenings which had no possible or feasible everyday explanation.

Here is one of them, I will pay you all tomorrow.

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