The Woman Who Floated Above The Hedge, A Short Story by PJ Hodge, Author of Freaky Folk Tales,

I am indebted to Tina Williams at AReadersReviewBlog for this marvellous review. Thank you Tina!


woman2[1]-001A Very Unwelcome Visitation Indeed!

I have been addicted to author Paul Hodge’s blog Freaky Folk Tales, where he posts his research into folklore and his short stories, for some time now. The site also features Paul’s awesome and atmospheric photographs and a collection of illustrations which he has put together whilst traversing this realm and researching his tales. These form part of his own collected works, Freaky Folk Tales. One of Paul’s stories, A Tale of Chirbury has been published in ‘Darker Times Anthology, Vol 3′ – available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback (click on the link to find out more).

Paul kindly agreed that we could publish one of his stories of the paranormal, The Woman Who Floated Above The Hedge, which is a tale of a very unwelcome visitor! If you enjoy it you may want to find out more by visiting Paul’s site.  Read on for the…

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