Budding 11-year old ghost story writer – please take a look…

A pupil of mine has just begun to write ghost stories and science-fiction.

I’m very impressed with his work so far and feel that it would give him the confidence he needs as a budding writer if he had a few bloggers taking a look at his work – and possibly ‘liking’ it too!

His latest effort, Sweet Bird of Truth (aka ‘Ghost Pilot’, a play script) is in its early stages but it looks to be taking shape nicely.

The page can be found here:


Thank you kindly!

Regards, Paul

12 thoughts on “Budding 11-year old ghost story writer – please take a look…

  1. I’ll certainly take a look at it Paul. I think that posting work like this on blogs is a great way for young people to share their work with others. Best of luck to him.

      • It was a pleasure to read his work. He has a great imagination and has really thought through the various scenes and the dialogue. I’m looking forward to the next instalment. My eldest daughter is 10 this year and I’ll show her Zach’s site when she’s back from school as she is sure to like reading it too.

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