Awards, aw-shucks….




I just wanted to express my thanks to all the wonderful bloggers out there who have recently chosen to nominate my site for these awards. These people are listed below. Please check out their very inspiring blogs:

RobbinsRealm Blog
Owls and orchids
The Consortium of the Curious
Legends of Windemere
Sophie E Tallis
Annie’s Blog
The Lonely Recluse
Mari Wells

In keeping with the spirit of these awards, I would like to nominate the following blogs for their edifying content:

Haunted Palace – History, reviews and the supernatural
Maryam Chahine – Death is Maryam’s obsession and comprises much of her work
December Spirit – A lover of winter and water, the sea and snow, holly leaves and glittering moonlight
EssDeeWriter – A creator or magic
Mysterious Milton Keynes – Strange phenomena in the new city

…and also in keeping with the award, a few answers to a few questions:

Favourite film: Don’t Look Now
Favourite children’s TV series: The Children of The Stones
Favourite artist/band: Kate Bush
Favourite look: The 60s
Favourite words: Orange, Bob and Nebuchadnezzar
Favourite family member, favourite own child: …..ooh stop now, that’s getting a little too dark…