“A green December fills the churchyard”

snow angel

I was out earlier taking photographs of snow-tipped Victorian angels in a local graveyard and was reminded of this morbid phrase …does anyone know its origin? (I believe its 17th C or earlier)

17 thoughts on ““A green December fills the churchyard”

  1. I have somewhere the most amazing photo of a carved stone face on a cemetery monument, covered in green, it looked just like the infamous celtic Green Man, really really lovely.

    Anyway, fantastic photos and mental imagery as usual! Always a joy to visit here…as a result, I’m proud to say that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!!! Congrautlations! Very well deserved! 😀 xx

  2. What a fascinating phrase.

    Spring, the return of vitality, could find no better associate color than that of green; life taking new forms under the sun …carnations sprung up in the midst of the deathlike landscape of winter; silent, dark and motionless. The graveyard, the hub of the dead, as a springboard to another, to the next, form of life… born of hopes.

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