Why I write ghost stories…

The shrieking pit

My partner often asks me why I write ghost stories — and why I don’t write wholesome stories for children. My answer is simple: there is more horror in our local communities, on every street corner, than there is a single macabre tale. Tales of nefarious deeds and the supernatural are often vehicles for exploring human frailty; in telling them, we may help society to debate and unravel the age-old moralistic dilemmas we as humans are constantly trying to understand and define.

11 thoughts on “Why I write ghost stories…

  1. Spooky things, people, places, scents and sounds together or alone can create a powerful adrenalin rush and it floods the senses. Darkness promotes fear. Anticipation and excitement merely grow stronger as our mathematical minds try to find the logic. What better way to spend your time than by adding to or trying to solve a bit of fright. That is why I write. BTW: Hooked on Freaky Folktales!

  2. That’s a great purpose and intention behind writing. I never looked at it in that way, but you are right. Keep sharing your stories!

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