The New Short Story Annual 2013

The New Short Story Annual 2013

Delighted to announce that The Monks of Lilleshall will be making an appearance in The New Short Story Annual 2013.

The New Short Story Annual 2013, edited by Hayley Sherman.

“Throughout 2012, writers have been submitting their stories to the short story of the month competition and proving why the short story is such a fresh and vibrant channel for great fiction…A fear-facing game show and Facebook stalker, the mistake-prone proofreader and murderous brother, pride before a jukebox, love on the streets, the monster in the mirror, the fading beauty, the tea-addicted teddy bear, the door to nothingness, regret, longing, nearly meeting Jimi Hendrix, jealously, intrigue, the gun directed at Father Christmas, a perfect painting, an upturned Robin Reliant, the monks of Lilleshall, the Googled baby killer, the attention-seeking pensioner, the tree of hippopotamus, two men, two ducks, one dog and a fish… What more can you ask from a short story annual?”

4 thoughts on “The New Short Story Annual 2013

  1. Fantastic! I didn’t know you were a published writer, but I knew your writing was worthy of it from reading the Viaduct. Happy writing and publishing!

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